Our puppy no longer likes his kibble

We have a 17 week old puppy that we started on Orijen dog food (kibble). He went through the first bag and seemed to like it ok. We purchased the 2nd bag and he didn't want much of anything to do with it. I called the pet store where we made the purchase and they said sometimes there can be a little pinhole in the bag which makes it go stale, so we exchanged it for a new bag, but he has had the same reaction and will only eat it sometimes at the end of the day, or not at all. We tried adding water and chicken broth as suggested on some sites but that didn't work. We bought canned food and mixed a little in, and he will literally lick all of the canned food off the kibble and spit out the piece of dry food.

He is 3/4 papillon and 1/4 poodle. We picked Orijen because we liked what we read about the company and are concerned with problems some dog foods are known to have. We also have read a lot about blood sugar problems in the smaller dogs, and he does seem very tired on the days he doesn't eat, so we are trying to find him something he likes that is also healthy asap. As far as making his food ourselves, we just worry that we will not provide him with the right balance of nutrition that he needs.

Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1135520 on Oct 12th 2012 in Health & Wellness
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My last three puppies did not eat puppy food past the age of 5 months. They all got sick of it. I put them on adult food. But now I see that some companies sucld not be puppy food. h as Nutro have come out with a food just for dogs that are 6months to two years of age. If I had a puppy, I think I would try it just because it would not be puppy food. But it would still have some of the things they need to keep growing. It may be worth a look

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