Our pet dog bit our 15 month old child in the back of the head (requiring stitches). Any advice, suggestions or help?

We have a 90lb mixed breed male dog, adopted at 10 weeks from the shelter. He will be 7 years old this summer and we love him. He is slow to warm up to strangers and can be protective of his food and his toys with other animals. He is really sweet with everyone he knows, but barks at strangers, bicycles and children, so we don't take any chances. We have an adorable and happy 15 month old baby. We have kept them mostly separate with baby gates and have also monitored them carefully when they are together. Recently, he was just let in from outside and ran into the kitchen when someone was cooking. My baby came quickly around the corner and he jumped at her and bit her in the back of her head and knocked her down. It required an ER visit with stitches. We are quite upset--it was very scary for us! We are debating our options for what to do. Any suggestions, please?

Asked by Member 984898 on May 2nd 2010 in Dogs & Kids
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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

You need to take him to training classes. Tolerating food and toy aggression is the first problem. When your child goes near him when he has food or toys, can be very dangerous. Children do not know how to approach dogs or even interact with them. You have a time bomb waiting to go off. I.m not saying get rid of your dog but your child comes first. You really need to find a good trainer and/or behaviorist. If your not willing to spend the time and money, find him a new home with no children.

Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12) answered on 5/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


My Sassy snaps at my kids sometimes but she has never made physical contact. (my kids usuallu deserve it) 7 years old is pretty old for "training" him. Honestly, I would think about putting him to sleep. Believe me I don't take that subject lightly. I just think it's a loss cause to try and correct it. Something happened between the age of 8-12 weeks that made him food aggressive.

Your other option is just to never have him around your kids ever again. I dated a guy that quite literally got his face ripped off by his own dog when he was a kid. He was very attractive but had about 3 huge scars across his face.

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I understand what you are going thru.I have a 7 yr old welsh corgi & a 4 yr old daughter.My dog has never cared for small kids so we have kept them seperate since my daughter started crawling.Over the years he seemed to tolerate her & we slacked off keeping them totally seperate.The other night my daughter fell on top of him while he slept.She was bit on the upper lip requiring stitches.It was a total accident but I am scared that there is always the possibility of another one.He has never hurt anyone before but now that this happened Im not willing to risk it again.Im pretty sure I can keep them seperate but I cannot account for anyone else that is at my house & I have several yrs before I can think that my daughter will listen more respectfully w/the dog.Im ultimately looking for a home for him w/no kids.I cry about this & do not want to put him down.He is currently in a temp home & I miss him.I want my dog to have a happy life & being kept seperate from us daily cannot make him so.

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