Our neighbor has a Shiatsu (sp?) 3yrs old and eart his feces. He plays with our 1yr old in our yard daily.I don't want o

I think I ran out of room and bad's eats his feces not " eart ". I don't want our dog to pick up his habit. They are good friends and get along well. Got any answers anybody ?

Asked by Member 847654 on Jun 20th 2009 Tagged coprophagy in Coprophagy (Stool Eating)
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Their shih-tzu eats its feces because of a nutritional defeciency.

Your dog isn't going to see this and think "hey, thats a cool idea" and start doing it.

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I don't know what's going on with your question space, but weird.
Anyway, dogs can eat feces for many reasons. The food they are eating has a lot of corn, which is not digestable, and it's like a treat or vitamin deficiency, a higher quality food may help. They say some dogs get in the habit of eating it to avoid punishment, hide the evidence, this usually happens due to improper housetraining techniques, yelling or worse hitting the dog when they go in the house. Over-feeding or not feeding enough. Boredom, anxiety or they simply like the taste are other possibly reasons for coprophagia. It's really not easy to determine why a dog does it but cleaning it up pronto will help.
Does this dog only eat his own feces or does he eat other dogs as well? Some say a dog can learn from watching, so scoop the poop immediately.
Have a good one.

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