Our Basset hound drags her ears through her urine after using the doggie door.

Our dog door leads to an area that was once covered with pea gravel. Thinking it would be easier to clean, we had it covered in cement. Now, our dog relieves herself and then drags her long ears in the urine. I am now cleaning her ears many times a day and she still smells. We even got new pea gravel and placed it at one end of the area hoping that she would eliminate there and it wouldn't get all over her ears, but to no avail.

Any suggestions? She is 10 years old and never misses using the dog door, so we haven't wanted to close the area off to her. It is about 12 x 12 with a chain link fence around it, so it's easy to clean daily. But the odor on the dog is really awful.


Asked by Member 558603 on Jan 15th 2008 Tagged bassethound, odor, dogdoor in Other Grooming
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