Our 10 week old golden retriever puppy got hooked on people food by accident due to illness. Help need for dog food.

We got a golden retriever puppy at six weeks old. She had whip worms very bad. After deworming her she became very sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, would not eat and became very dehydrated. We took her to the vet to get her hydrated via IV. To get her to eat and gain weight we were told to give her rice and chicken broth. Which led to boiled chicken and so on. Now at 10 weeks old she will not even begin to eat or even sniff dog food of any kind. Does anybody know a way to get our poor little puppy back on dog food? Mixing dry food in doesn't work and we have eight kinds of puppy kibble.

Asked by Member 1209874 on Jan 16th 2014 Tagged puppy, addicted, peoplefood, help, dogfood in Pet Food
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make it really hungry ( not feeding) and given no choice it will eat dry dog food.

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