Other natural remedies for dog lice?

I have two dogs that seem to have dog lice. I found small bugs on one of them that seem to match the description that I have found online.

I've given them both baths and combed them yesterday and plan on giving them both haircuts and combing them out again today. I've also put Diatomaceous Earth on them to try to kill the lice and eggs. Are there are any additional home remedies that might help get rid of the lice quickly?


Asked by Brie on May 3rd 2010 Tagged doglice, naturalremedies, lice, itchyskin in Worms & Parasites
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are you positive they are lice?

i think you should take them both to the vet to see if they are lice. if it is, the vet will give you something or recommend something to kill the lice.

good luck! : )

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Are you sure you are not seeing fleas? Dog lice are extremely uncommon in the US, and are almost always only found on dogs which are kept in very unsanitary conditions. They are quite easy to cure, if in fact they are lice... shampoos are available from your vet which will completely take careof them. FYI... unlike fleas, they do not bite humans, so they are no risk for the human members of your family. I would go back and do some research on the common dog flea... it sounds more likely that is the problem, but, if in fact they ARE lice, I would contact your veterinarian and get some prescription shampoo.
Good luck!

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In case they are mites or fleas, a fantastic product you can use is PETfection Bug Spray. It is 100% Organic and Non-Toxic and will keep bugs away, but also heal up any bites they may already have. I like it because I can put in on them as needed or multiple times a day without working I am putting toxic chemicals into their body! If they really are lice, it may help keep them away too since it keeps everything else away. You can check it out at Hope this helps!

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