One of my St. Bernards started to hack when she was eating dinner tonight- she hasn't stopped for a while...

she seems to be breathing fine, not in pain, but I was worried that something is wrong or 'stuck' in her somewhere that could cause problems. I have not been to the vet yet- but she started hacking and gagging more, and it is foamy with pieces of food in it. She isn't crying or in pain when I palpate her stomach, and it breathing fine... Help???

Asked by Member 997194 on Jul 16th 2010 in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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This may need a trip to the emergency vet if it does not improve. You can try feeding her a piece of soft whole wheat bread. This can help move stuck food along. It sounds like she may have eaten too fast and got a kibble stuck. You can also firmly stroke her throat to encourage swallowing, but if she continues to hack I would take her in. Have you tried feeling around in her mouth and back of her throat to see if you can feel anything?

Member 904338 answered on 7/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with Wiley.

The esophagus in dogs is very long and because of it's positioning in the body, it's relatively common for a dog to get something "stuck" going down. This doesn't necessarily always mean it's a choking hazard, as it can happen near or further away from the trachea. But of course, any food stuck in the esophagus presents a potential airway compromise.

Sometimes, it's not unusual for dogs to vomit up a kibble or other object days after it's been lodged in there. The other alternative here is that she irritated her throat or esophagus with a hard kibble or when she coughed it up, it hurt her throat. And this could be irritation.

The vomiting up would suggest though that it's an actual object she's trying to expel.

If she's not better today, definitely take her to the vet.

I agree that soft bread, or better yet, wet canned food, will help push a small trapped object through.

Good luck!

Jack answered on 7/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer