Ok what do you do if your dog starts choking on a bone or something right in front of you?

Asked by Toby on Jun 2nd 2008 in Emergencies & First Aid
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I'm not sure about the "technical" answer for this question. It scares the _______ out of me when I see my Tiffy "choking" on some piece of food. I'm not sure what to do for her, but she coughs it up on her own. But I found this link that might be helpful to you:

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Gray Dawn Treader

If he is breathing and make noises that mean is he breathing, as hard as it is just leave Toby alone and let her cough it out. If however he isn't breathing, perform heimlick maneuver, slightly modified for dogs.
Then, vet visit.

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 Cocoa Bean

My parents dog was eating when I heard him chocking,then he was looking worried and stopped making coughing noises.I knew he was eating so I checked and he had nothing inside his mouth.This is a big GSD and as he was standing,I put my legs one on each side of his body.My hand was a fist and I placed it right under the ribcage just like in a Heimlich and pushed in and up.He eventually spat a piece of tortilla chip he found.This was a very quick event,and he didnt suffer any damage.He continued eating as soon as I left.When my Chihuahuas are chocking I recommend to first check if you can remove the object with your fingers and if you cant do a Heimlich for babies. You put them right on top of your arm, head leaning a little towards the floor and this time you will hit them softly with the fleshy part of the palm on the back and check if the object is out every time you do this.If the dog is making noises means is breathing,if he starts wheezing or makes no noise the airways are closed.

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If a dog truly has something lodged in his throat, he is often distressed and may be pawing at his mouth or throat area.

here's what you can do:

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