Odd spots, itching in Border Collie could be caused by...?

Max has seasonal allergies (chewing feet, hair loss by eyes), but recently has been scratching at his sides at small, black spots. There are at least four or five of them spread out over his sides and belly and are on slightly raised and red bumps.

When I scratch the dots, his leg "goes" (like with a tickle spot). They are the size of small or medium ticks, but they don't appear to be bugs. Any ideas on what this could be or what to do about it?

Max is 4 years old, neutered, and takes 1-2 Benadryl a day for allergies. Energy is normal, appetite is a little low, but that is not uncommon during allergy season.

Asked by Maxwell on Oct 14th 2007 Tagged spots, itching, skin, allergies, scratching in Skin Problems
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There's something called Black Spot disease, which is a fungal infection of the skin. But, that usually starts out MUCH larger than what you describe.

It could also be hot spots, which sometimes have a black dot, but that is usually in the middle of a huge red patch.

I'd take the dog to the vet (gosh, each of my answers in this category start contain the vet recommendation!)

Since you mention the red spots as well, I'm thinking it could be some type of atypical dermatitis or something like that.

Are they raised dots, or are they flush to the skin? I'd think that if they are raised, they could actually be ticks, or some other type of bug and they are just really small. I had an episode once where I thought a tick was a tiny scab on my dog's ear. It certainly didn't look anything like a tick usually does. But, it was!

Yeah, I think you're right about the appetite thing being more related to allergy season. Just being uncomfortable can make them finicky eaters....

Jack answered on Oct 14th.

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Hi Maxwell - Jack is also very smart and I'd like to just tell you the same things he's said. I'm lucky 'cause I really don't seem to have any seasonal allergies, but I hear a lot about them and know it can be awful. Go to the vet and let them do some skin scrapings and send them to the lab if they can't tell what it is right away.
Hey, are you eating a good simple food for your other allergies? Even though I don't have them, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the venison kibble that I'm getting now and my coat looks awesome. I came from a shelter 6 weeks ago, so this is just the nuts!
Good luck and let us know what your vet thinks this problem is.

ChiliBob answered on 10/15/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

The Keeks (2005-2013)

Sounds like an infection! You should go see you vet and get some antibiotics.

The Keeks (2005-2013) answered on 10/15/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer