Newlyweds and Trying a Puppy - Did we Make the Right decision?

We just got married a month ago and have been dog lovers all our lives. Of course, we never had to train them or do any of the difficult stuff - that was our parents job.

We talked about the possibility of a dog and budgeting for it but never went over the responsibilities, how much time it would take, etc.

Less than a week ago my wife welcomed a stray puppy to our home after just a few short visits. However, she was more on board than me. I couldn't make up my mind on whether I wanted the commitment. We will travel a lot for how far away we live from family. With both of us working full-time I couldn't handle having a dog that got no attention until night, chained up all day.

So, after having him for under a week I signed to have him sent to a great orphanage. She wanted to keep him. I went back and forth over those few days, broke her heart and really got myself sick. I'm not ready for a dog but, I probably owed it to her to try.

Asked by Member 1188740 on Sep 6th 2013 Tagged puppy, adoption, newlyweds, marriage, wife, husband in Other Adoption & Rescue
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Tasha (in memory)

Marriage is all about compromise. If you can't handle a puppy, hopefully there are no little humans in your future. If you want to make amends, adopt the puppy again wholeheartedly. If you can't do that, you made the right decision to give it up now rather than later. Making decisions without considering the other's feelings as you would your own does not a healthy marriage make, and both sides seem equally blameful here. Good luck! ^_^

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