New Television Show - My Dog Ate What?!? Looking for stories of dogs who survived ingesting amazing things!

Did your beloved dog shock and scare you when he ate the craziest thing? Are you a vet who has saved the life of a dog in such a circumstance? We want to feature your dog or case study on TV! Nancy Glass Productions is looking for dog owners and vets to be featured on a new cable network television series. If interested, send us a note about yourself and your dog's survival story. Please include a photo of you and your pet. Send to:

Show Description: Dogs eat the darndest things. From slinkies to steak knives, MY DOG ATE WHAT!? retells the stories of dogs who have swallowed astonishing things and what it took to save their lives. Through interviews with the owners and vets plus dramatic recreations, MY DOG ATE WHAT?! brings each story to life in a weekly hour long program.

Asked by Member 926910 on Dec 3rd 2009 Tagged ate, television, vet, medical, emergency, swallow in Movies & Television
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My Weimaraners eat anything they can find! They ate a hammer, a tennis ball, a tennis racket, a bunch of rocks, a bed, 4 bark collars, batteries, pencils, books. I have some really weird and amazing things that you would never think a dog could eat! Please paw-mail me and I will tell you what all they ate or just give me the website!

Member 824516 answered on 12/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Barkley Bear

Barkley eats strange things all time, must be a dog thing lol. Just some things include...some wire fence, metal off of the garage door, rocks, a whole Easter basket including the fake grass and candy tin foil, chunks of wood off of the fence,a balloon..I remember when I was younger he ate one of my tights and had an mother wanted me to wear them thanks.

Barkley Bear answered on 12/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gypsy Anastasia (In Loving Mem

petco loofa dog, and pooped it out the next day after I took her to the vet...

Gypsy Anastasia (In Loving Mem answered on 8/13/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My dog is a second generation "chow-hound". His mom, Cedar, which we owned also, ate everything from an entire shoe and pooped out the tread, eyelets and the laces to a battery from a shelf four-high & burnt half her tongue. Thankfully, Cedar was also born with a gene that allowed her to digest all of this with relative ease.
Her son, General still chows just about anything, but just can't digest it. He began throwing up & I just thought he got into something bad until he was still doing it two days later. When I took him to the vet they decided to do surgery and found a 3in long corn cob stuck in his intestines. It was the one from my birthday dinner that my husband threw to the deer in the woods near our house. While recovering from this $1000 surgery, since he had puked on all his other bedding I had put a blanket in his crate I don't normally used and he ate part of that and got the string stuck in his intestines and had to have surgery again 3 weeks after his 1st surgery.

Member 1001143 answered on 8/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My dog ate about 40 straight pins... and some miscellaneous sequins from a Christmas ornament. She survived after surgery and a six day stay at the vet to get the last few pins out of her. She was amazingly happy and did not act like she was in pain at all.

Member 1015949 answered on 12/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My Morkie-Poo ate 56cents, 2 quarters, a nickle and a penny. The penny, however, was toxic to his blood. The penny started to disinigrate and the zinc went into his blood making him severely anemic. A trip to the animal ER, surgery and post-ops, he is doing ok. When they took the penny out, it was in the shape of a "C" because it was dissolving. The quaters and nickles were still in tact. The vet said if he had stuck to the quaters and nickles he would have been ok. So, he cost us the surgery and on top of it the 56 cents too!!!!!

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