Need Help With Aggresive And Excessive Barking Dog!

This is the problem... Every night, my little dog wants to sleep with me, if i make her go off, she persists until I must give in (since I am a resident of an apartment and cant have my dog barking and disturbing people.) I wouldn't mind her sleeping next to me, but every time i move in to her she growls and becomes defensive, as if she will attack me. She hasn't been able to bite me since I jump back right away, but naturally, I am scared. Otherwise she is a lovable dog with the exception of excessive barking. She had a previous owner from me, who I do not know personally, but i question if this owner had been abusive and so this has affected the dog to act viciously? The dog is merely 2 years of age. Any advice to one or both dilemmas would be of great help. Thankyou! *Sadly, I am unable to see a vet. Any solution otherwise?

Asked by Member 1140174 on Nov 11th 2012 in Aggression
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Guest need to give way more info. What breed? Spayed? Training? Exercise? How do you make her get off? What have you done to stop the barking?
Everyone jumps to the conclusion a fearful or aggressive dog must have been abused. This is usually not the case.
You really DO need to start with the vet to rule out physical issues. And to recommend a behaviorist to help you. NO ONE can help you over the internet. Anyone who offers any suggestions based on the little you have told us is way out of their league & merely trying to sound like they know more than they do.

Member 904338 answered on 11/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer