Need dog food with No Soy, Potatoes, Rice, Oats, Peas/Lentils, Squash.

My dog has had food allergies since I got him as a puppy, but they have gotten worse as he has gotten older. Hes a 2 yr old Lab, who gets frequent ear infections. I started taking him to a dermatologist and are doing food trials. So far I know that Need dog food with No Soy, Potatoes, Rice, Oats, Peas/Lentils, Squash.

Also, i've tried giving him perscription diets with hydrolized protein. Didn't work. I also tried Hill's ZD and he won't go near it. Even tried starving him to get him to eat it.

I've beens searching the internet like crazy. I found possible raw diets, but I can't afford them. Any suggestions?

Asked by Member 1116125 on Jun 17th 2012 Tagged allergies, food, diet, raw in Food & Nutrition
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Well, if your dermatologist and Vet don't know, it is difficult. I would make his food for him based on what they say he "Can" have. I feed my dogs pretty much what I eat and it is healthy (with a few minor exceptions) So, buy meat on sale and cook it or grind it with whatever else he can have, like eggs, carrots, beets, cheese, cream of wheat, barley, or other cereals and veggies he can tolerate. The broth from the meat can be used and water to make your stew. I pretty much guarentee he will like the meat. You just have to find a blend of items that are tolerated. Pork and chicken are often on sale. Also, I have used thin sliced sale beef and liver. Chicken livers are also cheap. Bags of filleted fish is an option if he will eat it. One of my dogs likes fish and the other does not. I put it in zip bags and dole it out. You do not need to feed as much for a meal as you think. I think dogs prefer two smaller meals a day (my opinion). One loves goulash. Good luck with a solution!

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Kali's on Z/D and she didn't like it either. So, I add some home cooked to it, boiled chicken breast and sweet pototoes. She goes crazy over her food now. Try adding things he can have and really likes to it. Good Luck!

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The Honest Kitchen Zeal, The Honest Kitchen Thrive and The Honest Kitchen Preference are all FREE of the ingredients you listed, they do have sweet potatoes in them so I'm not sure if that would be okay for your dog or not since I'm thinking you're meaning white potatoes.

Sojos Turkey Complete Dog Food, Sojos Beef Complete Dog Food, Sojos Grain Free Dog Food are all FREE of the ingredients you listed above that your dog can't have.

The thing about Sojos is that you have to mix with raw meat to make it complete.

The foods I listed above are foods that I do recommend checking out. You may have to spend a little more on foods free of all of those ingredients but it is definitely worth it if it keeps your dog healthy and happy.

Check out the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum for more information about feeding a raw food diet if you're interested in learning more, they have great information over there in that forum -

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Bill Jac is a good brand I've bought for my dogs. They don't spray their food with grease/oils, there's no bad additives, and a 30 pound bag contains 25 pounds of real meat (no beaks or anything, just meat and some organs, which are actually good for your pet).

Authority's not a bad brand, but not as good as Bill Jac.

For added nutrition, check out some of the all-natural treats on They have beef tracheas that contain glucosamine and chondroitin for hips and joints, and other USA made treats that are healthy as well.

Basically stick to a lot of all-natural stuff, meat, not too much corn as it's hard for dogs to digest, and plenty of fun in the sun! :)

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I have had skin, ear and stomach sensitivities in all the dogs in my household (guess I just always get "lucky"). Raw diet was the only solution I found that keeps my animals comfortable.

The most affordable brand i have found is Blue Ridge Beef. They also sell Sojos (I saw someone else mentioned that brand also).

The raw diet was the only thing that kept my house from going bankrupt supporting an endless parade of Mometamax (ears), anti-bacterial or anti-fungal shampoos, or steroid shots!

Good luck!

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Nature's Variety makes a very normal-seeming grain-free dog food line called Instinct. there are many different flavors/proteins, but the only starch they use is tapioca. only sold in specialty mom-n-pop establishments, no chain stores, but certainly a good option to hunt down and try! It does contain pumpkinseeds, but squash allergies severe enough to react to pumpkinseeds (especially in such a small quantity) are quite rare, so I'd give it a try. Outside of that, you're stuck with dehydrated or raw diets. Everybody else's kibbles have peas, potatoes, or grains.

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