Need a recipe for my puppy with a liver problem possible portosystem shunt

i am station in Aviano AFB,Italy. my puppy is a unknown breed to me and the previous owner. She does look like a possible docson mix. ill try to get a pic up soon. she is approximately 11-12 months, and was seen by a vet while she was 4 months for some not eating,drinking, pacing the perimeter or the room w/o stop,mouth hang open,drooling,vomiting nonstop,very little responsiveness in Padova, which i believe is San Marco clinica veterniaria. She has been taking denamarin, lactulose, ursacol and is on a diet of oatmeal and yogurt because the food the vet gave us to give her (royal canin hepatica) started to make her worse. on her worse parts of her symptoms we give her synulox or equivalent as instructed. for the last 2 days she will not eat or drink, her mouth hangs open,continues to pace the perimeter of the room and presses her head , and drooling.and rarely responds just try to escape to pace the perimeter.i really need something to at least get her better so i can get her tosurgery

Asked by Member 1170618 on May 16th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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