My yorkie is 24 cm, 3.45kg and is 8 months. Is medium size according to breeder. Is it normal?

According to the vet my yorkie will not grow bigger after eight months, because then the are normal reach adult height.

Asked by Member 1155968 on Feb 19th 2013 Tagged heightandweightofmediumyorkie in Health & Wellness
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Normal really just means a sample population at a particular time that was compared, majority have similar traits. But if another sample is drawn at another time, then well the same normal population possibly be not normal. So instead of stuck on the word normal, perhaps focus on:
-is this dog healthy based on grain free complete and balanced diet that meets the nutrition that your dog needs
-is he happy? is he being exercised

I used ask people if my heavier dog was healthy first few years, based on CKC and AKC standards, nope he is bigger than normal, but then locally I meet so many dogs same breed and same size like my dog, and he became NORMAL where I live at. So unless you are seriously wanting to show your dog in the ring, and spend thousands of $$$ and not be 100% guaranteed that your dog acquired will be chosen in the ring, perhaps spending more time to focus how to ensure your dog is happy and healthy would make more sense.

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