My yellow lab puppy has white patches of fur just above his paws.Is it a pure breed?

Asked by Member 1031605 on Apr 25th 2011 Tagged lab, puppy, white, legs in Labrador Retriever
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Are they on the front OR back of his legs??? Many labs tracing back to some well-known English lines have so called Thumb prints on the back of their feet. While these spots are technically a disqualification according to the breed standards, MANY purebred labs have them and they do not mean the dog is not purebred.
I have also had purebred, champion sired out of champion mothers who had white spots on thier toes and chests and one even had a white tip on his tail. While still purebred, this is obviously NOT desired and is a disqualification for showing. These mismarks were neutered and sold as loving pets.

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