Mister Jones

My white min.schnauzer has developed red-brown eye, mouth, and genital stains. He never had this before I changed food

I recently changed my 2 mini schnauzers from Halo to Wilderness food. they had got to the point that they were turning up their noses at the halo. I had to practically hand feed them. they never get table food and have been on Halo their whole lives. I did the switch very slowly, over a month. Now the male (white) dog has staining around his eyes, mouth, penis and anus. The female has had a uti,Schnauzer bumps,and they both are drinking more water, have lots of gas and both seem constipated. I am thinking of adding pumpkin to the food for roughage, but maybe I should switch them back to the Halo! Even though they were bored, they didn't have these problems. I am concerned that they may get bladder stones or something from all the protein, even though that was why I switched food. Wilderness has more protein and they loved it, but maybe it was a mistake, or do they just need to get used to it? My vet treated the uti, doesn't seem concerned about the bumps, stains,etc.HELP!

Asked by Mister Jones on Apr 4th 2012 Tagged holisticfood, mouthstains, highproteindiets, schnauzerskin, constipation in Health & Wellness
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I suggest you talk to a Vet. Try another Brand of Dog Food. Check the ingredients.

Member 1093784 answered on 4/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Blue Buffalo does have all natural ingredients in their food.I think the rep that helped you(if one even helped you at all) suggested the wrong food. In my opinion i don't think your dogs should be on wilderness. If your dogs are allergic to grain and that's reason why your on that type of food i would switch to freedom. Wilderness is strictly a raw food diet. If they are not allergic to grain i would switch them blue buffalo small breed. I would check with your vet first just in case your dog may have allergy to chicken or turkey..or any other ingredients that are in the food.

Carter answered on 4/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer