My white akita has a sore crusty nose. He wont let me put cream on. is there anything else to use?

My white akita is 2yrs old and his nose (pink) got sore in snow and srarted cracking and bleeding. He keeps rubbing it and its now scabby and crusty. He hates to be manhandled and becomes snappy so i cant get any cream on it. Can anyone recommed anything i can use which is not a cream. is there a spray or something i can put in his food? i wud welcome any help. Taking him to vet is ok but he refuses to get back in the car to go home so can be stuck ther for a couple of hours so i thought i wud seek assistance this way befor spending the day with the vet. Thanks

Asked by Member 1167019 on Apr 25th 2013 Tagged akita, scabbynose, pinknose, chappednose in Illness & Disease
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