My Westie paws have changed from black to pink and around the eyes and nose. Why?

The pink around the eyes and around the nose came first. Now I noticed her paw pads were all black before is now all pink. My vet says it is nothing but I am concerned.

Asked by Member 817240 on Mar 19th 2009 Tagged skincolorchanges, paws, nose in Skin Problems
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If your vet says nothing and you are still not convinced than take him or her to petsmart and have them take a look at it it will only cost you like 30 bucks good luck! please visit my website at

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I guess depends on the breed maybe. Some puppies noses go from pinkish to black.
Some dogs have white paws and some black. My one dog has black and white tummy (his skin)
some dogs in the winter with no sun, get the winter nose, pink. Then when they get more sun it turns black again. They say it's lack of vitamin D.(but Don't give them any vitamin D)

Baxter answered on 3/19/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Miss Priss

Hi - yes, the westie should have black nose and black paws... ( paw pads) -
this can mean allergies or low iron.
I would give your baby some supplements and see if this helps..
A good Probiotic may do the trick...
also, a good skin,coat and allergy supplement...

SEE here - from Ask the Pet Nurse's Site:

Come and ask a question at no charge:

Pigment changes in Golden retriever:

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