My toy poodle is scared of everything. He will just sit and shake for no reason.

My toy poodle I bought full breed. He is scared at noises and seems to be getting worse. He is 3 yrs old Has get lots of attention. for no reason at all he will be stand offish and sit and shake. I would like to know if there is something i could do training wise to help him over come this. He seems to be fine out side on his walks. Just at home. No kids around. Never know what sets him off.

Asked by Member 1152557 on Jan 29th 2013 in Fears & Phobias
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Boo Radley

Well, there's always a reason. But because we have no way to communicate with our pets, it's very difficult to determine what's upsetting them. You say you give him lots of attention, but when and how are you doing this? If he gets scared and shakes, do you pet him and assure him everything's alright? If so, that might be part of the problem. By giving them attention when they're feeling insecure, you're basically telling them that "It's okay to be afraid. Keep being afraid". I have a fearful dog myself. She is most anxious at the dog park, and she used to go and hide by the back wall and shake, or jump up on me. I began ignoring her, and only praising her when she approached other dogs or people. In other words, I praised the behavior I wanted her to practice. She still gets uncomfortable at the park, but now she runs around and sniffs and generally acts like a dog. You just need to be very selective with your attentions. It may sound cruel, but the dog won't see it that way.

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