My Ten year old Golden Mix is sick.

Our dog is a mid sized dog and normally a happy healthy pup. She vomited three times Wednesday night and was lethargic. We took her to the vet at petsmart because we had a coupon and my husband is out of work, so money is an issue. The vet wanted to catheterize her with antibiotics and send her to a vet ER to the tune of over $1500 just for that vet, not including the ER vet charge. We love her, she's our last link to when things were good. So I just had them IV hydrate her, give an antibiotic shot and some pills to bring her home. I feel awful and so sad. Did I do the right thing? She's eating a little and drinking water, peeing, but seems tired. Should I let her rest or what. I'm so worried. We've lost so much, we can't lose her too.

Asked by Member 1125142 on Aug 11th 2012 Tagged banfield, petsmart, liverenzymes, highcost in Illness & Disease
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I know it is a hard thing to do and very hard to decide what to do. But really only you can decide what is best for your dog. If you feel you have done everything that you can do for the dog and that is what you decided to do. Just go with that and hope that it works. I very much hope it does , because I very much understand a dog being the only good thing in your life. You can not second guess yourself, you did what you thought was best. If you decide to do more, then I wish you the best on either account, we will pray for you.

Dunkin answered on 8/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


So sorry your pup is sick my 11 yr old boy is having a tough day too. Goldens have a life span of 10-11 yrs sad but true it likely would not make a lot of difference if you spent $thousands. Far better to keep her home in familiar surroundings and tell her she is loved. We can prolong death with medicine but we cannot change the outcome. I found this chat room to be helpful.


Merlyn answered on 8/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer