My stray rescue is afraid of being cornered?

I rescued my dog from the streets about 6 months ago. He is a good dog except for when I need to put him somewhere (the kitchen or outside). I know he is afraid of being cornered, but I am trying to teach him "come" without him running the other way and hiding. He only does this in the house and when he knows I am about to leave. How do I teach my skitish stray rescue how to "come"?

Asked by Jasper on Feb 15th 2013 Tagged come, stray, skitish in Behavior & Training
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I don't have experience with skittish dogs so this may not help but in basic obedience, the trainer told us to do this- Have a long lead (I had a lunge line used on horses) and a treat bag or use your pockets and fill it with high value treats like hot dog pieces and lower value like pieces of dog biscuit. Hook the lead to your dog's collar and allow the dog to walk a few feet away while you hold the lead. Call the dog to you in a fun way (most dogs will come forward if you retreat so you can jog backward a bit and call him if that helps). If the dog comes, give him a high value treat and if not,gently pull him to you and say "come" and give a low value treat. He only gets the high value hot dog if he comes to you on his own. Soon you'll be able to have him be farther away and come to you but it does take work. I suggest a basic obedience class. It will teach you and him the basics and it will strengthen your bond with your dog and he'll be exposed to people in a safe place.

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