My stepdog, Banks, and my mom's dog, Cosmo, do not get along! Are they jealous over my dog, Malachi?

I have a poodle mix dog named Malachi and I recently got married and now have a stepdog, a poodle named Banks. Banks and Malachi love each other and get along just like brothers. My mom has a dog, Cosmo, and he and Malachi grew up together and get along well too. But everytime we try to get all three dogs together, My stepdog, Banks, and my mom's dog, Cosmo, growl and show teeth at each other. We have to make them take turns playing with Malachi while the other one sits in the kennel until it is his turn to come out and play. I thought maybe they were jealous over Malachi since both Cosmo and Banks generally get along well with all other animals. I also thought it might have something to do with Banks not being neutered, so we had Banks fixed. The aggression is still there! Why do these two dogs fight only with each other???

Asked by Member 1027614 on Mar 23rd 2011 Tagged fighting, gettingalong, jealous, neutured in Socialization
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