My six year old malamute seems to have gotten a sudden fear of our front door.

She has been walking out just fine for about a year nowago with no salt issues. Now allI of the sudden when we go to take her out she won't walk through, just lays down shaking and whines (which she has never done before). She has also abandoned her normal sleeping spot completely and taken up residence in the bedroom and under the kitchen table. I don't know what could have happened.
We adopted her from a friend about a year ago. She used to be afraid of doors in general but she was never as bad as now and this happened so suddenly. Nothing has changed. Same furniture, same activities, same food. She does have some eye drops for an eye infection but this started several days after she started taking them.

Asked by Member 1156450 on Feb 22nd 2013 Tagged fear in Fears & Phobias
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I would try coaxing her with some really yummy treats. Something she would die for and only use them for coaxing her to the door. It might take time,use a lot of praise & make it a game. I use the phrase "Go See" when my dogs are fearful of something. Meaning they check something out that scares them, & it won'tt hurt them. Be sure when you use that phrase that she's not startled. I bought some balloons for my husband for Valentines Day. When I came through the door with them, Koby came completely unglued. He ran for his life and barked viciously. I couldn't console him. I put him in a quiet place to calm down. Once he was calm after about 2 hours, I put the balloons on the coffee table and let him out of the room. I called him over in a very happy voice and asked him to "Go See". He barked a little and crouched and slinked over to check them out. He figured out they wouldn't hurt him and did his happy dance. It will be work, but you can help her get over it. Good Luck!

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