My six week old puppy is throwing up his food a few hours after eating it. What could be wrong?

Granted, I just adopted him two days ago - but I'm still very worried. He has been weaned already, and after weaning, the previous owner fed him oats and milk. However, I've heard this can be bad for dogs. Yesterday, we fed him puppy kibble that has been watered down, and a few hours later he was throwing up all over the house. We have not seen a vet nor have we made plans. A part of me feels that maybe the puppy is just excited, but I also can't help but feel worried. Also, if you have any tips or suggestions as to what I should feed him (he is a black lab puppy - six weeks old), I would love to hear them. Thank you!

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It could just be the new food, but it is a dangerous time for a puppy to be sick. It could be parvo or something. If so, the sooner he is under a vets care, the more likely to live.

If a dog is having trouble keeping anything down or continuing diarrhea try this out of the manual I have from a large, knowledgeable dog guide school.

Bland recovery diet for dogs.

3 parts cooked rice, one part boiled hamburger or chicken, or cottage cheese. I think you can substitute boiled potatoes for the rice. Once in an emergency, we bought a plain baked potato from Wendy's.

This is meant for short time settling a dog's digestive tract. It is not the complete and balanced diet they need long term. I have seen it work.

Once cleared by the vet and settled down, slowly go back to the puppy chow. Any common brand should be fine. No need to wet it down.

Keep him lean and make a slow switch to adult food at 4-5 months. Our Raven will be 4 months in a couple of weeks and we have the adult chow.

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First of all, oats and milk is not at all what a puppy should have been eating. He should still be with his mom and littermates at this age. In many areas it is illegial for a pup to leave his mother before 8 weeks. I have a litter right now and they are 6 weeks old and not even weaned yet... they have just started to eat ground puppy food soaked in warm water and it will be another week or two before they are weaned.
You should perhaps try grinding the food in a blender or at least leaving it in hot water until it has softened and is mushy. Feed him only about 1/2 cup at a time and feed him four or five times throughout the day.
He does need to see a vet as soon as possible... he is too young for vaccinations but he should be wormed. Most puppies have roundworms and they tend to cause vomiting and/or diarrhea if not taken care of.
It is also possible that he is sick with parvo or another life threatening disease so please take him to your vet ASAP!

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If the vet finds that he is clear of diseases like parvo or worms and he still continues to have this problem, the other issue you could ask your vet about is esophogus problems like Megaesophogus. This is a common cause for otherwise healthy puppies to throw up their food. The vet would need to do a simple xray to diagnose this problem. This is a problem where the puppie's esophogus, or thoat, doesn't work properly and the puppy can't swallow. The food will sit in his throat, sometimes for hours, until he spontaneously regurgiates it. The food never reaches his stomach which poses the obvious eating problems. Check him for the other things mentioned first and start him on appropriate food. This is just a thought for if you have continued issues with him after you've tried the others. Good luck with him!

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8 weeks or more is the best time for them to leave to a new home.
I suggest you not feed him any more oats and milk that is going to make him terribly sick.
Go out to the petstore and pick up a case of puppy formula and mix that with a good puppy dog food. Make sure you soak it and then feed him that.Breeders do that, the bad ones that is , they get rid of the puppies quickly to make money faster and if they appear sick they do it also to make money and get rid of them so they don't have to spend more money to see a vet.
If I were you I would feed him that and also at the same time take him to the vet and tell them how he has been sick he could really have something serious wrong and this could really save his life I hope all of this helps and you can get him to the vets immediately.
It is not all odd for a puppy to appear sick with stress of new home, but he is really young and could be really sick. sorry this happened to you.

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Thank you for the answers - but I'd like to point out some things I failed to mention. Besides vomitting, the puppy is absolutely fine. He's very playful and his stool is normal and regular. He drinks lots of water and is energetic. The mother of the pups had stopped feeding them sometime during the fifth week, and that's why the owner gave them away. Thank you very much again for the answers.

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he could still be adjusting to a new home. I would look at getting some good food for him, but i also think since he is only 6 weeks old a vet check still could be a god idea.

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What a cute puppy!

Ok, first thing here that jumps out at me, besides the oats and milk (whomever fed this to a puppy has no idea what they are doing) is that he's throwing up after eating.

I'm wondering if he's vomiting or he's regurgitating. There's a big difference and that alone can help you when trying to figure out what's up with him.

Vomiting is what we'd normally describe as throwing up, retching. It involves a lot of gagging and the food comes up, either with or without bile.

On the other hand, regurgitation is so sudden it's almost involuntary. Like if you've ever had an acidic burp where food just sort of comes up into your throat, that's regurgitation. The dog won't seem to even be aware he's going to vomit, and up it comes.

The latter is seen in a disorder of the esophagus called Megaesophagus. It's serious, but not that common, so I'd encourage you to make a vet appt.

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Jax (earned her wings 5/30/12)

Take him to the vet, ASAP. Did you get him from a puppy mill or pet store? No puppy should ever be taken from the mother and or litter mates before 8 weeks of age.
Good Luck!

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