My schipperke's 9 & 11 are coughing. We have gone to several vets and still no cure. One vet gave them heart meds

They still cough even with the heart medication. It can last for weeks and then go away for months and the cough keeps coming back. Have also tried cough medication also. Has anyone had the same problem and are there any remedies that work? We appreciate any help....

Asked by Member 771371 on Nov 22nd 2008 Tagged cough in Health & Wellness
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Its possible old dog lung which is a term used for chronic bronchitis. With chronic bronchitis its just a mater of keeping them comfortable some times steroids work but can cause more issues. Drake has the same issue brought on by scar tissue in his trachea due to past abuse. Sometimes hes clear and no cough and other times he sounds like hes going to hack up a lung. There is herbal treatments on line that can help amazon is handy. Research is your best option.

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