My Rattie is shedding consttly more than often, what should I do??, Should I give him some deshedding pill??What supplem

Should I precribe a deshedding pill, gromming dosn't relly work with him. We don't have a vet either. What supplements do you suggest to lessend shedding and make my rattie's coat shinier? What should I do?? Note: They must be within my price range : $20 and under, in Petsmart, Walmart, Kroger, Save-a-lot

Asked by Member 494169 on Dec 29th 2007 Tagged shedding, help, ratterrier, rattie, promblems, deshedding, pill, desheddingpill in Rat Terrier
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I wouldn't neccessarily give him a supplement until you get to the bottom of what this could be.

Frankly, it could simply be the change of weather. Most dogs shed in summer, but there are coat changes in the wintertime, too.

As the other doggie suggested, it could be nutritional.

If I were you, I'd take Milo to the vet and have a full blood and lipid panel done to make sure he's getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals he needs. The vet might suggest a supplement if he's low on any specific nutrients.

If his bloodwork comes back just fine, I'd chalk it up to just seasonal shedding and not change a thing.

Make sure he's eating a quality food. Usually, the ones in Petsmart and the grocery store aren't that great. Wellness, Eagle Pack, Innova, Canidae are more expensive, but far, far superior when it comes to nutrition.

I would spend the money on upgrading his food (assuming that applies, here) rather than the deshedding pill or supplements.

Good luck!

Jack answered on Dec 29th.

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Marlowe, CGC

Excessive shedding can be the sign of a health problem, but can sometimes be cleared up through nutritional changes. A higher quality of food (if you have a PetSmart near you, try Blue Buffalo) would be a great start. You can also supplement with something like salmon oil, or even give a canned sardine (packed in water, with no added salt) every few days.

Marlowe, CGC answered on 12/29/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer