my puppy was playing with a sibling an it's eye got scratched the white is bloody looking but not bleeding n not in pain

The puppy is a Mal-Shi (8 weeks) and was not the aggressor and ended up getting a scratch eye. I noticed it's eye looked dark then inspected and the white area above the iris is bloody looking. There isn't any blood coming from the eye or in the tears either. I can't tell where the scratch occured but something had to have caused it. I washed it out with warm water several times. He has not been in any pain nor is he winking or is any area of the eye swollen (eyelids, iris or white area). He is running around playing like nothing is wrong. Is this something that will go away or is he going to need antibiotics? He's not clumsy so it wasn't a running into something accident. Please let me know oh mighty ones.

Asked by Member 1093042 on Feb 17th 2012 Tagged medical, wellness, health in Health & Wellness
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