My puppy is entering the brat stage, god help me!

So my girl is starting the brat stage, and she's picking a nasty habit of eating her poop. She has never done this before, and it's not all the time, but still she's doing it. I feed her nothing but holistic food, and holistic treats. The problem is, she's doing it when I'm not home, so I can't correct her. What can I do?

Asked by Isis on Oct 10th 2007 in Coprophagy (Stool Eating)
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You can either buy her the product For-Bid, , which will make her stool taste horrible to her.

Or, you could crate her while you are gone, (just big enough for her to lay down & turn around). Doing so will make her not use the bathroom while you're away, to enforce potty training, (since that can go downhill during the "brat stage"), AND it helps her not get into trouble by chewing on things while you are away. I'm sure both can also play havoc with your patience during this stage.

Good luck, for I've used this method for years & it's absolutely great at being proactive!

PS: If you feel bad about her not having as much freedom or feel she'll be bored, I recommend getting her a Kong & stuffing it before you leave so she'll have something entertaining & safe :)

Chloe answered on 10/10/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer