my pug has seriously bad breath. I've tried many things but with no results. any other options out there?

I searched the boards but there's not one post that really answers my question. for the past year or so, I have tried fresh breath treats and tablets with little to no success. I have tried brushing his teeth, but he refuses to let me do this (we didn't start early enough). he loves to gnaw and has many (hard) bone chews that he is constantly using. he only has dry food (IAMS mini chunks) and most of his treats are dry, too. his vet has given him an A+ in oral hygiene at all of his annual appointments (teeth and gums). I'm losing out on QT with my baby because I don't want to get too up close and personal with his monster breath! help!

Asked by bowser on May 8th 2008 Tagged badbreath in Dental Care
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I would get a second opinion. I do not want to imply that your vet is wrong but a second opinion is a good idea as he might have missed something. Does he have a bad tooth, does he have something stuck in the gum toward the back that might have been missed? My Lab friend Lexi had a small crack in her back tooth and bacteria had gotten in it when we were swimming and that is what was causing the smell. Hope this helps.

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There are supplements to put in his water that helps break up the sulfer deposits that cause bad breath. Then you could also try used a better quality dog food. Sometimes it is what he is eating that causes the bad breath.

Dotty answered on 5/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

~♠~ Versace ~♠~

feeding him a few small carrots will help with the oder problem, but I would def get that second opinion from a vet.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Bad breath in dogs can mean a health problem.

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Have you considered changing his food? I strongly feel that, from what you've described with his good oral care and condition, that the problem is very likely with his food.

IAMS, while a popular brand with vets and chain stores, is really NOT that great of a food brand.

Brands like Wellness, Canidae, Innova and Eagle Pack are far, far superior and will more than likely eliminate the problem.

Unless there is an oral health issue (which there isn't with Bowswer, since you've had him adequately checked), foul odor or bad breath is almost always from lower quality food.

When dogs have body odor, with no obvious reason, it is usually a health problem like allergies or chronic disease. But, bad breath is just one of those things that seems to be down to either bad oral care OR bad food.

Also, it is a misnomer that only dry food is best. The healthiest ratio is 60/40 wet/dry food. In fact, wet food is LESS likely to cause foul breath as it breaks down faster in the gut and there's more water in it than the dry stuff.

Jack has sweet breath (yes, I know, but he does) and I brush his teeth every day with a dry toothbrush and feed him Wellness brand.

Consider changing and you might be snuggling up to Mr. Sweet Breath in no time!

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