My Pomeranian has become a picky eater. How can I get him to eat what he needs to eat and on a strict schedule?

When I try to feed him, he doesn't eat. Sometimes I leave food sitting out for him so I never know when he actually eats. I'm afraid his eating habits, or lack thereof, may be bad for his diet! How can I get him to eat what he needs to eat and on a strict schedule?

I must add that he has been fed table food.

Asked by Pierre on Jan 1st 2008 Tagged food, behavior, eating, diet in Other Behavior & Training
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You said it - put him on a strict schedule. Pick a time that's good for you - we feed at 7a and 7p - and put his food down. If he eats, praise and pet him. If not, leave the food down for only a short time (15min, 30min), then pick it up until the next mealtime. No snacks or table food between (I'm bad at that part). Put food down at the next mealtime and give him the same encouragement and time limit. Most dogs will get the hang of it - we went from "grazing" when we had one dog to set mealtimes when we got a second dog, and the first one eats much better now. Be careful that he doesn't miss more than a meal or two - little dogs can run into blood sugar problems if they don't eat for too long. You can also try some of the commercial dog gravies and toppings or add a little meat or veggies to his dish to encourage him to eat. You can also warm it - sometimes that enhances the scent and they are more interested. Good luck!

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First I would stop with the table food. It is horrible for dogs teeth. I would feed him dry dog food and buy yogurt with acidophilus in it to put on top of the dry food. Get a good brand and a good flavor like beef or chicken. The smell of the chicken or beef, with the milk from the yogurt should be enough to make him want to eat it. I would also pick up the food bowls and feed him at the same time everday. Eventually he will get hungry and learn to follow the feeding schedule. Just remember no people food or else you might as well not try anything else. If he knows he can get the people food, that is what he'll wait for.

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Roscoe the Racehound™

My beagle became the same way.It's an easy problem to fix just be consistant.
First no more human food it's generally not good for dogs anyway. So start your dog on a schedule . DO NOT LEAVE HER FOOD OUT ALL DAY, THIS WILL GIVE HER A DOMINANT STATE OF MIND.

Instead feed her twice a day , once in the morning and again in the evening . Leave her bowl out for TEN minutes and if she doesn't finish it within that time take it up and don't feed her again until evening . Don't worry she'll catch on soon and will appreciate her meals.

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Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!!

Poms are terrible for bad teeth if not fed a proper diet.so any soft food or table food is going to add to that issue. Strict schedule is exactly what needs to happen. you may feed 2-3 times a day if you have no problems with potty behaviors the 3rd meal is okay.put his bowl down for 20 minutes if he doesn't eat he doesn't get it until the next meal time.I do every 8 hours because i know i could never go 12 hours with out eating. Dogs will not starve themselves so he has about 2 days of on & off feeding before he should be worried about. if he is not enjoying his food maybe try a different diet.An all natural food maybe a better choice.I feed "Wellness"you can read up on it at the website at oldmotherhubbard.com he may enjoy that food better then what he has now and it's the best for him as well. Try it out you may see a differnce in his eating. All dogs should enjoy feeding time if not something needs to change.
The natural foods cost more but you feed less of it.

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