My pom puppy is getting sick and i dont know why my therory is.....

And I found him at the animal shelter...they gave him his parvo shot and he's 6-7 months old and when i brought him home he was very passive and didnt move or anything just feel asleep there and then when it was time for bed he started to puke and i though it was just cuz the food....maybe he wasnt use to the food i fed him....then the next day he would drink some water then puke it back up and every time he eats and drinks he g ets sick and im worried and he has a vet's appointment but thast a good bit away and i want to no if i should just go ahead and go or if its not that bad just normal for a small breed to react that way to a shot

Asked by Member 939980 on Jan 21st 2010 Tagged pomaranian, parvo, shots, food, water, puke in Vaccinations
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If you call your vet and let them know he's vomiting they will get him right in. Not a good sign, something is wrong. Good Luck

CHAZ answered on 1/21/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer