My pit bull red heeler mix is starting to act aggressive when I take him for walks....

When we go for a walk everytime he sees somebody he starts barking and growling and sometimes even lunges. It gets really bad when bikers, joggers, or little kids come running and screaming by. And just recently whenever my brothers and sisters friends come over he goes nuts. Is it because of his herding instinct or would it be something else? And is there any special training I can do to help him?

Asked by Member 645522 on Apr 23rd 2009 in Aggression
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He should have a 4ft leash and collar. When someone is coming you stop moving forward. Get him under control each time and have a distraction like diced cooked chicken in a baggie.
Doing this makes him immobile and he has to get his focus on you, teach him to do simple obedience at home then incorporate it to the walks when people dogs and bikes are passing. This is teaching him to have control over his impulses, thus learning to behave and do certain behaviors because it is expected of him from you. It does take time and patience. The more calm, caculated, and to the point you are is going to help him. Also keep him on your left when he gets excited block his body with yours. don't let him cross in front of you, be the boss. have fun and good luck:)

Dieta answered on Apr 24th.

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I agree with the first answer, remember you're dog is trying to protect you. He doesn't know what he's doing is "overkill" and doesn't need to be over protective.

Member 810660 answered on 4/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


As always Dieta offers great advice. Marley is sooo cute and looks more like the cattle dog than pit! If his attitude tends to cattle dog, then he could very well be trying to herd cars/bikes on walks (Max definitely trys). Try the Gentle Leader. It will give you so much more control on walks and minimizes pulling. When you see cars ahead, ask for a sit/stay before he sees it. And treat when he does it! I would suggest a obedience class... watch me, sit, down, wait, off, leave it, drop it etc. Then you can incorporate basic commands into your daily routine. As for visitors, when you know you are having company, prepare a delicious kong, and give it to him in the crate when visitors come. I have found that if the visitor gives a command (sit) and treat when they first arrive, Max seems to adapt better. If he is really annoying guests, I hide carrots around the house for Max to search out. It's a good distraction for a dog with a one track mind.

Max answered on 4/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer