my older dog is eating dirt, bark, moss, cement etc.

Lowchen, is older, just moved. Seems to be lacking something. Eating any dirt and hot cement, moss around cement etc. He is listless as well. Constantly biting his legs between the feet and elbow area, but no itch. Changed his diet to wheat free just in case. Vet doesn't know.Send any help to

Asked by Member 83785 on Jun 17th 2008 in Vitamin Supplements
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Did the vet do a physical exam and order some blood work? If not, take him to another vet for a comprehensive exam. An older dog eating stuff like this isn't normal and if he's uncomfortable or stressed, your vet needs to get the bottom of it.

He could be eating these things for any number of reasons, but obviously physical ones need to be methodically ruled out. Lowchen might be having an upset tummy caused by...well, lots of things. Sometimes, dogs eat grass and dirt to make their tummies feel better or to try and induce vomiting (though sometimes they don't end up vomiting.)

If he's biting his feet like that, two things come to mind. Allergies and stress. You mention a recent move. Dogs with emotional stress can pick a few body parts and really go to town on them. It is an obssessive behavior and it common with dogs who have gone through an upheaval. That could also cover the eating stuff, too. Allergies are possible, not likely if he's been on the same food.

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Miss Buddie

I would take him to the vet for a second opinion to be certain. Sounds like stress or allergies, as Jack mentioned.

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Hello - a big clue here might be the 'just moved' - moving can be very stressful for some individuals - causing grief. If this behavior just started after moving you might want to mention this to your vet. You do need o rule out any physical issues because eating indigestibles and biting are clear signs of stress/pain/discomfort. Older dogs can become disoriented as well.

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