my old english sheepdog wont stop eating and pulling out my daisies real or plastic is this a normal thing for them

I have planted real and fake daisies in pots and she pulls them all out there are lots of other kinds but she just pulls out the daisies is this a breed thing i am remembering movie please dont eat the daisies lol

Asked by Member 1114646 on Jun 8th 2012 in Breeds N-R
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Does she just pull them out or does she eat them as well? Fake daisies can cause obstructions and real daisies are a might poisonous. They contain pyrethins and sesquiterpene, irritants that cause diarrhea, drooling, skin rashes and vomiting. You might want to spray them with a pet deterrent to keep her from doing that. It's not a 'breed thing' :) it's a 'dog thing'. Some do it some don't.

Wesley answered on 6/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer