My normally sweet, good natured, well behaved 2 year old chiweenie has become a naughty bully. He has been getting into

I thought maybe he was maybe being empathetic about what I was going thru, he is usually a very sensitive dog, but things are back to normal now, for me at least.

Asked by Member 1156242 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged behavior, charging, trash, jealousy, actingout in Behavior & Training
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there is a balance that must be maintained between you a your dog, you are always the alpha and you can spoil him when you want to and don't respond to hims commands like begging, barking at you because once you do that means he's the alpha.

There is a difference from giving the treat when you want to and giving the treat when the dog commands you to. So seems like you spoiled him too much and decided that you are serving him now, so stop responding to hims commands like begging, barking or whatever, no eye contact, back facing him, leave the room, he will bark bark bark until he gives in realizing his commands aren't working and you reset the game that he is the sweet dog, but again give treats and rubs when you want to and don't respond to his commands.

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