My newly adopted dog walks crooked.

The day prior to his grooming and our adopting him we did not notice any walking problems. The person at the rescue center believes it has something to do with being groomed (he had a massive coat that appeared to have not been properly taken care of) and the crooked walk will go away in a few days.

Asked by Member 1158834 on Mar 13th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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I am not sure what grooming would have to do with it.....but I am no professional pup walked crooked and had a bit of a pigeon toe when we got her at 4 months old. We were worried about her hips so we took her in to get looked at, after X rays etc....we could see nothing wrong and the vet was hopeful that she would grow into her legs and it would fix itself. And now she is 7 months old and walks much better, she is no longer pigeon toed, her hips are perfect, and she did indeed grow into herself. I would have her looked at by a vet to make sure there are no problems though, just to be safe. :)

Lexus answered on 3/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Being groomed can and does absolutely change how a dog walks... especially if they had lots of matting underneath between and along their legs, both front and rear. For months and months they have had to take tiny steps to avoid those matts pulling on them, suddenly they are gone and only bare skin is left. Of course it feels different and they will walk differently.
Plus, there is also the chance that the dog either slipped or tried to jump off the table or out of the tub and could have possibly injured himself that way.
Also, we groom literally hundreds of dogs here with luxating patellas and no matter how careful a groomer is, when you pick up a rear foot to trim it or do the nails, those kneecaps are constantly sliding in and out...this can leave some soreness, particularly if the dog has arthritis.
Finally, just trimming nails and/or cutting out matts from between the footpads can and will alter a dogs gait. Walk with a matt of hair between your toes, it feels different when

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