My Newfoundland puppy is 10 weeks and 4 days, and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. I was wondering and hoping someone could so kindly help me by maybe answering my questions and great concerns I have over Bella. I have written my breeder, been to a Veterinarian twice, purchased books, looked through the web and scheduled a dog training appointment for Saturday, but none of these have yet to give me clear reason, comfort or even hope. On the 15th Bella started with this aggressive behavior! When I tell her “no” or I physically remove her off the couch and say “no” or I could be sitting on the couch even and she starts to bark, growl and even bite me(not in a playful manner either)!!! Bella also chases her tail in somewhat of a rage, she growls at it too, and I read that is not normal. Bella also goes crazy with her stuffed animal toys, NO, I mean CRAZY. She bites them and shakes her head side to side vigorously and growls at them and runs crazy with them, is that bad, should I let her be doing that, is that a bad sign? She also doesn’t listen to me at all hardly. I’ve had birds, a mini pig, dogs and right now I have 2 dogs that around 13 years of age, they are outdoor dogs and obedient, but I have never had an indoor dog and certainly a dog who has ever growled, barked or tried to bite me. She doesn’t act like this ALL DAY and the Vet said she acted like a normal puppy in the office, but she has that streak in her and it saddens me deeply. I am feeling desperate, I don’t know what the facts are exactly about puppies and moreover, Newfoundland puppies. I do love Bella, but I just don’t know what to do. I have ALWAYS wanted a Newfoundland because of their sweet temperament, their caring nature, loving ways, cuddlebugs and everything else about a Newfoundland -they remind me of me, and I felt could help me inside. But Bella is FAR from what I read online prior to purchasing her. Do all Newfoundland puppies act like that? Will she grow out of it? Is it inherited (which is bad right)? As painful as it would be, should I just ask the breeder to refund my money and take Bella back? I think some of her issue is she is trying to be dominant, is that normal for a puppy so young? Another issue I am having is potty training her. It has been 14 days and I have seen slight improvement. She also sometimes pees and poops in her training crate which is something I have never experienced with pets or even heard of, and she even lays on it. She also pees about every 30 minutes when awake and without even caring where, even though I have been watching her like a hawk 24/7 and very thorough and consistent. I am completely familiar with puppy's having accidents, but she don't seem to care. The potty training thing definitely worries me, but the aggressive behavior REALLY worries me. I would beyond appreciate if someone could give me advice!

Asked by Member 1165887 on Apr 19th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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