My neighbor poisoned my dog with rat poison. what legal action can I take against the neighbor?

When I got my puppy Charli, she would go to the neighbors house I would go and get Charli the neighbor says to me, you know why she comes over because I give her treats, we discussed it and we both decided that I would let her come and visit. When she was about 3 I noticed her different she acted drunk lethargic, I took her to the vet, vet wanted a fortune to run tests. so a few days later she had gotten much worse and I knew she was dying so I went to the neighbor to let her know and she said oh I made a big mistake, she said I was putting rat poison out for the field mice and Charli got into it. I ran home called the vet and they had me come and get medicine for Charli that would counter act the rat poison, by this time Charli was so bad she couldn't even swallow all the medicine but I prayed I got enough in her to do the trick. Charli died that night. the neighbor has shown no remorse and she told me that her daughter said Charli should have been In her own yard. I was devastated

Asked by Member 1187882 on Aug 30th 2013 in Animal Control
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Tasha (in memory)

You cannot do anything to a neighbor for letting your dog roam on their property and not paying for tests that ended up with the death of your dog. Unless you pay for an autopsy, you can't even prove that the rat poison actually killed your dog, and if you didn't pay for vet tests, you are not going to pay thousands for a lawyer in a case that you most likely cannot win. Sorry for your loss...

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