my mother dog had a litter of six puppies but today she suffocated one. Should I take her puppies away from her? Or let

the puppies have seen a vet when they were born which was three days ago.

Asked by Member 1011497 on Nov 11th 2010 Tagged chinesepug, bottlefeed, puppy in Health & Safety
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Mothers try to bite people and especially there own owners if they come near there puppy's sometimes, This happened to me with snowflake..Im going to name out tips about mother/puppy's/owners/people..first then i will get back to your question:D..

Tips: Never let the mother see that you have there pup, If so then the mother might move all the puppys somewhere where you cant find them..

Tip 2:Always wash your hands before handling a puppy, so the mother wont find out that you have held it..

Tip 3:Make a fence for the mother and puppy's so in case she wont do what i said in TIP #1..

Mothers try to keep the puppy's warm, which its not there fault if they kill them..NEVER TAKE THE PUPPY'S AWAY FROM MOTHER!!..That could lead to lots of things but not bad things.. its just not good..more like sad.. Mothers try to protect pups.. After 6 wks you can take the puppy's and MOTHER to the vet ASAP for shots..Parvo shots/heart worm shot or chewable if to young/and most important of all TAPE WORM

Member 1002749 answered on 11/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Ginger-  M.I.A.

Sometimes mother dogs accidentally lay on their puppies and suffocate them. This is sad, but relatively normal. I would not take them away from her unless she starts acting aggressive towards them or if she ignores them completely and refuses to nurse.

Make sure the whelping box has enough room for her to stretch out without lying on a puppy.

Ginger- M.I.A. answered on 11/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Pamela       -    Adopted!!!!

Accidents happen, it's not something she meant to do. You should not take the puppies away, her milk is the only protection from disease they have until they get their first shots at 8 weeks

A safe Whelping box has a 'ledge' so Mom can't roll on a puppy near the walls and suffocate it.

Pamela - Adopted!!!! answered on 11/11/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Mama dogs do that by accident. Do not start weaning the the mom away from her pups until around 4 weeks old or until they start getting teeth.

In your whelping box you should have a shelve area all around the box so that in the case this does happen they can escape under the shelve, where the mom is to big to be under.
google "proper whelping box" and look at some of the pictures of them.

It any event, this does happen sometimes. Theres nothing else you could do.

Magic answered on 12/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer