My lab keeps barking now bark collors dont work and shes one year old she wasnt socialized well what can i do?

She is one year old but she wasnt well socialized as a puppy but i feel i dont spend enough time and how long should i play with her every day? Im not always here im at different places alot im her maybe 3-4 in a row usually so what can i do

Asked by Member 1094650 on Feb 23rd 2012 in Barking
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The Labrador is an intellegent and higher energy breed and will act out when her physical and mental needs aren't being met.
You need to excercise this dog! Lots of it! She needs at least a 45 minute walk every day, more would be better. Jog with her, let her run beside your bike, etc. A tired dog is a quiet, well behaved dog.
Is it possible to bring your dog with you sometimes on your outings? it's not fair to leave a dog for long periods of time. They are pack animals and need the company of their human "pack". The fact that she is alone alot may also contribute to the barking. Bark collars aren't the answer, meeting her needs is.

Charlie answered on 2/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Bruno CGC

What kind of barking is she doing? Territorial barking? Loneliness barking? Aggressive barking? Playful/excitement barking? These have different causes, so different solutions.

More play/exercise won't help for most barking problems. You need to either prevent the situations that cause her to bark, or condition her to accept them calmly (and quietly) with training.

If you're already stretched to your limits and can't spend enough time with her, finding her a better home might be the best solution.

Bruno CGC answered on 2/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer