My German Shepherd puppy started limping

we took him to the vet and he gave us some Anti inflamotory meds that worked but he started limping again, we are now giving him some glucosomine. It seams to be helping some but is there anything else I can do to help or will it go away be itself? Also It has been off an on for a month or 2 and the last few weeks he has started acting like his back or hips hurt to.....hes not limping much any more on his front leg but a little on his back leg...

Asked by Luca on Jul 28th 2008 Tagged limping in Other Health & Wellness
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At 7 months old, sporadic limping that doesn't seem to have any obvious cause such as injury or overexertion, is most likely caused by a condition called panosteitis, or "pano", which is also known as "growing pains".

It seems generally accepted that diet is one of the major causes of pano, particularly in German Shepherds and other large breed dogs, and that it's more common in males (who tend to grow larger than females of the same breed, anyway).

It is recommended by most Shepherd breeders that pups should be on adult formula food by 4 months of age, and that they're fed a food that does not contain too much protein and calcium, as those are often contributing to pano.

A Glucosamine supplement is a great idea, but will do little to prevent or treat pano - however, as a preventive, it's great for your dog to help with overall joint health. A product containing glucosamine along with chondroitin and MSM is recommended over plain glucosamine.

Abby answered on Jul 28th.

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