My German shepherd is 6 months old and has one ear down

My German shepherd has one right ear down. He is 6 months old. I tried taping but he tried to bite so i cant do this. Also i read about tear mender and bonding cement to glue the something to support the ear but as i am from India these things are not available in India. Kindly suggest any method.

Asked by Member 1109789 on May 7th 2012 Tagged righteardown in Health & Wellness
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At 6 months old if it isn't up yet it probably nev
er will or just temporarily when he is alerted to something suddenly (perks his ears up in other words) I suggest you spend that time you would on his ear in behavior and obedience training since he already has tried to bite you. When he is 2 or 3 years old that could end up bad. Shepherds need the security and trust that their owner is in charge and will let him know what you want from him. This keeps a dog intent upon his owner and calm not stressed or nervous. Start working with him in a pleasant and fun way to him by getting him used to handling his ears feet and mouth and muzzle. I think this will bond you two and make it to be a close happy and safe relationship. I am a veterinarian and have owned a shepherd and adore the breed.

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I totally agree..BUT if he is teething it may standup when he is finished...if it was standing before. Please don't try any more mechanical is too late for that now.
I am not sure what breeding is like in India, but if you did not import him, it is possible genetics may be at play here. It is also possible that he injured the ear/cartiledge through rough play. My one gsd has that issue..his ear will only stand if he he is really interested in something.
Don't fret..I am sure he is a fabulous dog..or will be once he matures.

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Daisy~The Angel By My Side~

My Shepherd mix's ear did that while she was growing too. She had one up and one down for a while but by the time she was one year both were standing up like a Shepherds usually do. It will take time, dont do anything to the ear, it will stand up on its own naturally. Shepherds always has funky ears til they mature. Your dogs ears will stand up in time.

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Frankly, I am more worried about his trying to bite you when you try to tape his ears than about whether or not the ear will go up. I managed a top GSD kennel for about 20 years ago and, in most cases, IF the ear is taped prior to full adult dentition, the ear most likely WILL go up. BUT, if it is left alone, it is iffy if it will stand on it's own or not.
However, if we had ANY 6 month old GSD that tried to bite us for something as simple as taping ears, that dog would have IMMEDIATELY been removed from our breeding and showing program. That is way NOT correct behavior for a puppy of ANY breed and I would strongly suggest you get the help of a trained and experienced behaviorist to help you get a handle on his behavior before it is too late.
If I recall, you have had issues with him before and yet you NEVER seem to take anyones advice. GSDs are NOT a first dog breed and can be totally ruined if not handled correctly in puppyhood. It is not too late yet, but it will be soon!

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