My German shepherd attacked my mom after a minor surgery - is it normal?

This dog is the family dog and has shown signs of aggression before. A couple days ago my mom took him to the vet to have an infected gland removed from his eye and he was doped up when the vet released him to her. My mom instructed him to "get in his house" (A phrase for his kennel) which was in the back of the car. When he tried to get in, he couldn't because the cone on his head was obstructing him, and he freaked out and attacked my mom. I wasn't there for this but she told me a man ran up and pulled Chandler off of her, who was going berserk and STILL trying to attack her. The man started yelling for someone to get the vet because the guy could hardly hold onto our dog (he's 125 pounds purebred). Her arm has bite marks especially by the elbow and some scratches from his teeth. She said that Chandler would have killed her if that man didn't interfere. He's still at the vet because we are deciding what to do, but I wanted other people's opinions.

Asked by Member 1166951 on Apr 24th 2013 Tagged aggression, biting, surgery, germanshepherd, purebred, attack in Aggression
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