my friend may homeless in one month unless she can find a job.Is there a temporary shelter or home for a small dog.

She is just getting out of the hospital/ in addition she and her boyfriend are splitting up. He was paying the rent as my friend does not have a job at this time. She may have to enter a shelter until she is employed. She is a wonderful person who is just having a hard time now. In addition to all of this she recently lost her mom who was only 55 years old. Please assist us. We need to find shelter for her little dog that she loves dearly.

Asked by Member 1146153 on Dec 21st 2012 Tagged needtemporaryfosterhomeofshelterforasmalldog in Adoption & Rescue
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Hugs for your friend. She could try contacting a rescue to see if they could find a foster home, BUT this is a long shot. Most rescues need their spots for the dogs they pull from kill shelters. A shelter will NOT board..they will likely put the dog up for adoption.
The best suggestion is to ask friends to help. If she can afford to chip in for the dog's expenses you may have more luck.

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