My four year old terrier has started having accidents in the house (poop) What can I do?

about a week ago my four year old terrier mix, suddenly stopped pooping outside! He only wants to poop inside! I tried putting him in his kennel and then take him out every half hour but he wouldn't go! I tried to put a diaper on him but he chewed it off and then went on the floor!!!
I tried setting down potty pads but he would only go next to then on the floor! I even tried the spray to encourage him to use either his potty patch or the pads! He is a service dog and goes everywhere with me but now I can't trust him not to make a mess!!Other then this he is a great dog and we love him and don't want to give him up! He is a part of the family!!! WHAT CAN I DO????? Thank you, Marlene

Asked by Member 1064509 on Dec 9th 2011 in House Soiling
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Gray Dawn Treader

Do you think it is possible that he cannot control it? If so, this would be fecal incontinence. Does it just fall out, or does he appear to know what he's doing? I don't know much about fecal incontinence, but the information supplied in this thread may be helpful:

Last year my dog began going inside and absolutely refused to set foot in the backyard. At the time we were having a problem with flea infestation, and Treader was doing all he could to avoid the fleas. It's fixed now (both the infestation and the housebreaking issue), but maybe your dog is having a similar issue? Does he seem to be afraid of the backyard?

Perhaps he is in pain and finds less painful to go inside? Perhaps it'd be a good idea to schedule a vet visit to make sure he's not hiding some illness from you.

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