My Dogs are housebroken, but still have accidents when we are not around them. How can I stop this?

We have two Yorkshire Terriers and when we first got them we lived in a top floor apartment so we pad and box trained them. When we moved to a house we decided to break them from the pads and box and have them go outside. They have been housebroken, but I notice that if we leave them out of their crate to sleep with us at night they will pee and or poop in the house. If we are home and they are free to roam, we have to make sure we watch them. If they are in the same room as us they are fine and won't go. But if we gate them in the kitchen while we take a shower, they sometimes poop or pee in there. I don't think it is an infection or anything, but feel it is more or less a behavioral thing because we aren't around to interact with them.

We take them out multiple times during the day and it's not an issue of bladder control because they are crated during the night and never go in their crate.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to get them 100% housebroken? Thanks in advance.

Asked by Member 823177 on Apr 5th 2009 Tagged accidents, housebroken, pee, poop, training, soil in House Soiling
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try positive crate training, that might be the key. maybe they are marking each other's pee and poo.they also might be getting mixed signals with pee pads and stuff.
I would remove all those and use a good neutralizer to shampoo all the carpet and just use crates.:) even if it til you take shower.

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Miss Priss

Hi - I understand your concern about the potty and wee wee pads. Sorry, but with little dogs and potty pad training it is hard to break them of the pads. ONCE you start with the pads you should always offer it to them along with outside for potty.
They do need a pad at all times in sight. Sorry, but this is how they were trained and that is what they need.

Others may tell you to break them of the pad but I feel that is too stressful and will cause anxiety. Just make sure one pad is always available...
Potty them outside as much as possible.
YORKIES have small bladders and need to urinate often or they will get bladder stones.

If you want more help see here:
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Miss Priss answered on 4/5/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer