My dogs after living together for 5 years with no problems one is now attaching the older dog.

Older dog is Emma fox terrier she had puppies with a pomerian and i kept a pup Ginger .. Ginger is now attaching Emma. I don't know what to do they are hurting each other i'm heartbroken i don't know what to do. They never fought in the past 5 years i'll take any advice. Thank you

Asked by Member 1135532 on Oct 12th 2012 Tagged dog, attaching in Aggression
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One thing you may want to do is take the older dog to the vet to make sure there are no health issues. Sometimes, like it the wild, dogs will sence weakness because if health issues and attack the one that is sick. I had this happen with an older dog and a younger one when the old dog started to go down hill

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