My dog won't stop licking his leg? Hot Spot, maybe?

I am a Lab/ Australian Sheep Dog mix, and since my owners got me until about 2 days ago I had long, long fur. I'm a black dog, and I spend a lot of time outside, so my mom got my fur shaved off, just for summer. I'd been licking my leg a lot, but my mommy didn't think it was anything weird, but now my upper thigh has a bald patch and the skin underneath is red. I was wondering if you think this sounds like a hot spot, and how much Banfield (PetSmart vet clinic) would cost for the cream if it is.

Asked by Blackie on Jun 24th 2010 Tagged hotspot, licking, skin, red, help in Skin Problems
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Pepper is sympathetic, she gets VERY hot. Loves our swimming pool!
It may have seemed like a good idea to shave the dog - but his fur provides protection from sunburn, bug bites and plant irritations (thorns, burrs, poison ivy, pollen). He may have a nick from being shaved or any of the above irritations.

Please let his fur grow back and get him a kiddie pool to play in if he's hot. Even the furriest dog sheds the winter undercoat and replaces it with a cooling summer undercoat which is more comfortable than getting a summer buzz cut.

Click on links to Slide show, Pictures 10 and 16:
16 is a typical hot spot, they look like an open sore. 10 is Flea bites, but other bugs may cause similar red marks.
Licking will cause the hair loss. Ringworm (not a parasite, but a fungal infection) is possible if humid. Mange is also possible.

You need a Vet to diagnose the problem so he gets proper treatment.

Pepper answered on Jun 25th.

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Sounds like a hot spot to me based on all the licking he is doing. He could have had some type of cut or bite there originally and has made it worse with the licking. A really fantastic product you can use on it is PETfection Hot Spots/Wound Spray. it is 100% Organic and Non Toxic, so you can apply it as often as you would like. For my dog, it heals up spots within a couple days. I feel it works better than ointment creams from the vet, plus I like knowing it doesn't contain any type of chemical. You can check it out at Good luck!

Wyatt answered on 6/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


sounds like a hot spot and most of those are caused by bacteria and the right conditions for spread of it.
To be safe, of course, a skin scrap is the best way to start off.
The best second choice is a new lotion that worked wonders last year, she had two big hot spots, she had never had them and so for us it was all new too.
I bought a product called Wound Lotion at Petsmart.
It is made by 21st century. I put it on and rubbed it in every other day for one week and the hot spots were history.. so see if you can find that. I did wash the area with a tab of hand soap and then when that dried I dabbed a dry towel over it then applied the lotion.. try to find it. good luck. oh, it was like 8-9 dollars for the cream which is so worth it.

Dieta answered on 6/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree 100% with Pepper. Your dog is likely going to get many more of these irritations until his fur grows back in. Dog's skin is extremely sensitive and fragile since it is normally protected by their coat. REmoving this coat does not keep them cooler, the opposite occurs since their skin is no longer protected from the heat and humidity,and it actually exposes their skin to many, many more irritants. I also agree that you will need to get this diagnosed by your veterinarian in order to treat it correctly. What works for one condition can make a different problem 100 times worse, for example, should you use a steroid cream on a fungus or ringworm it will cause it to multiply and become worse. An antibiotic cream will do nothing for a lick granuloma, and the list goes on and on. While you are playing around trying all these OTC products your dog will continue to suffer and may even get much, much worse.

Member 641257 answered on 6/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer