Lilly (RIP)

My dog won't open her eye all the way? Please help!

My 8 year old Shih Tzu Lily has a cataract in her left eye today I noticed her eye was red and she wouldn't open it all the way... I rubbed her belly to try to get a better look and she wouldn't open her left eye while her right eye was wide open... Why is this happening? Should I take her to a vet? I haven't given her a bath in a while and she has stuff all around her eyes (i'm getting ready to give her a bath now) Could that be a reason?

Asked by Lilly (RIP) on Apr 5th 2010 Tagged eyes in Other Health & Wellness
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My dogs get debris in their eyes often out here on my wooded property. They let me get it out myself.

See if Lilly will let you open her eye without causing alot of pain. If infected looking, you will definately need to get her to a vet, for an antibiotic ointment.

If no infection and you can see the debri, then you may be able to get it out with a super gentle wipe with a wet tissue or something soft, (non scratchy)

If you aren't able to see anything at all. You will still need to go to the vet just to find out what is causing it. It isn't normal for her to just not open her eye. Even if it isn't hurting, there is something causing it to stay shut.

Even if you can see some debris and are able to clean it out yourself, you will still need to make sure there is no infection, as it sounds like it may already be infected since she can't open it. So Im betting this one warrants a trip to vet. :o(

Good luck!!

Gidget answered on 4/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


she could have a particle in it or she could have an eye infection. There is a condition called Pannus also.
My older dog has a cataract also however but he is never bothered like that, he is slightly older too. I would wash the area with only warm water and look for particles. If the dog is not better by morning then take her straight to the vets. please :)

Dieta answered on 4/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer